Jenny & Clay’s Wedding

Congratulations and welcome to your wedding page! Thank you SO (so) much for being awesome people and choosing us to film your special day. Below is your Preview Film, Ceremony Film, and Toasts Film, which you can watch and download instantly! Thank you so much for having us a part of your day; it was truly special and one of a kind! We will keep you updated on the progress of your Highlight Film and Feature Film, but never hesitate to ask about the progress!

preview film

ceremony film

toasts film


Your package and custom USB drive with your films on it will be mailed out after we have completed all of the films. We have your address as: 11611 NE Angelo Dr. #129, Vancouver, WA, 98684, so let us know if anything changes!


Extras Form

love story short film

love story long film

posting tips

When uploading to Instagram: Instagram allows 1-minute videos to be posted, so the short film is perfect. You can also upload the longer version if you choose to do a slide. Make sure the video is a rectangle by clicking the arrows on the bottom left of the video. To set a Cover photo that shows up on your feed, click “cover” in the bottom right and choose the desired image.

When uploading to Facebook: Uploading the video directly, rather than posting a Vimeo link, will result in higer quality and more engagement. You can upload the short or the long version to Facebook. Please tag and/or credit Glitch Films when posting to social media.

short film - no subtitles

long film - no subtitles