Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only have one wedding package?

We actually used to have many packages, with slight differences. We found that, no matter which package the couples chose, we would always end up doing the best possible job we could, sticking around for the whole day, and delivering all the extras. So we simplified and went with the streamlined one-package approach.

My photographer charges based on hours of coverage, can you do this too?

Unfortunately, videography takes a significant amount of setup, planning, and moving of gear throughout the day as we film your wedding. Unlike for photographers, shorter weddings actually end up being more work for us than less, as we need to move faster and have less time to prepare for each shot. This is why we include unlimited coverage for all of our couples.

Where are you located?

Though we shoot weddings in Oregon, Washington, and California, our home studio is located in Pleasant Hill, California.

How do we reserve our date?

When you make your appointment to meet with us, we will make sure we are available to shoot your wedding. If you decide to go with Glitch, we will require a 30% deposit up-front. Once we receive this deposit, your wedding date is reserved.

Who will be shooting my wedding?

All shooting is done by Aly and Krishna working together. Occasionally for a very large wedding we will subcontract with one of our partner crew-members, but not typically.

Is your gear bulky? Will you be in the way?

No offence, but we don't want to be in your wedding photos. If you check out our testimonial videos, you'll hear from brides that one of the most surprising parts about receiving their wedding video was seeing shots in which they never noticed we were there.

We shoot with some of the smallest high-quality cinema cameras available, and use all-wireless microphones and lighting to make sure you never feel like you're on a film set.

Will you work well with our photographer?

Most photographers we work with tell us we're the easiest team they've ever worked with. We take the time to email your photographer weeks ahead of time to make sure we know their style of working, and find out how we can both support each other on the day.

Can we pick our own music?

We license music tracks directly from the artist, so you can show your wedding video online without any risk of copyright infringement. Each track we choose is tailored to your personalities and wedding. We want your wedding soundtrack to be as unique to you guys as your video is.

My venue requires that our vendors carry liability insurance, are you insured?

Unlike many vendors, we carry full liability and production insurance. Many venues require this for vendors who will be working on-site. We can provide proof of insurance upon request.

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