Through Glass Shoot

On Monday, we had the opportunity to be apart of a shoot that we had nothing to do with planning. The concept was glass and shadows; photographer, MacCoy Merkley, brought an immense amount of things to shoot through- from dollar-store plates, to prisms and mirrors, we had it all.

Dallas Merkley was the artist behind the easy, flowy hair and beautiful makeup on model, Hannah Pratt. 

Dorothea Dragomir of Kamea Events brought glass shower doors, ghost chairs, and bottles to add to the variety of breakables on set. 

Sea of Roses created the backdrop of flowers, foreground floral elements, and wild bouquet. 


To cast various shadows on the wall, Dallas and Dorothea held the shower doors against the sun that streamed through the windows. The Light Room provides a varying set of lighting situations that a cinematographer can always pull inspiration from. 

The video we made is "Through Glass" and showcases the different elements from the shoot. For the wide-shots, we filled the studio with fog and Hannah danced with her chiffon dress and fabric. We also used our prism to get that rainbow effect and a few of MacCoys small mirrors to reflect the windows in the frame.