Marci & Kellen's Wedding at The Victorian Belle

Marci and Kellen have an incredibly romantic story of how they met worthy of those old Hollywood films that don't quite seem like reality. They met while in the military in Germany and everyone told her about the new captain on the scene her colleagues were trying to set her up with. Marci has one of those personalities you can't help but love and you can't help being happy in her presence. So it was inevitable that a very introverted Kellen would fall for her. On their first trip together, they stayed at an Ice Hotel in Norway and both pinpoint a moonlit walk around the lake as when they fell deeply in love. 

It was our first time filming at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Portland and we were very excited because the entire cast of Twilight stayed here while filming the first movie. It did not disappoint with their eclectic lighting, odd comfy chairs and excessive use of animal prints. Dina Zaitsev-Kozlov did  Marci's makeup while Jinalyn Bell did a fantastic job on her already gorgeous bridesmaids. 

After the bride prep, we headed over to The Victorian Belle in Northeast Portland to set up for the ceremony and film Kellen and his groomsmen getting ready. The venue was built in 1885 and the mansion was very well preserved and seemed to have a lot of the original decor and heirlooms. The groomsmen got ready in a converted attic space that had a pool table and a little window nook that looks out on the property. Marci put on her strapless ballgown with floral appliques on the second floor in a large room with a beautiful mirror perfect for just that. 

The ceremony was held outside in front of huge blue hydrangeas which are my personal favorite flower. The officiant was Theresa Tuffli of Heart Rock Ceremonies and she personalized the ceremony so much, you would think that she was their family friend. There are always going to be hiccups on wedding day and on this particular day, they could not find the rings right before the ceremony! Someone finally found them in a bag upstairs and the ceremony only started a few minutes late. 

As the ceremony was ending, I felt a single rain drop, looked up, and saw a storm rolling in. It ended just in time for a full-fledged rainstorm while guests sought refuge inside and under awnings as the staff quickly covered the tables and chairs. The rain made way for sunshine a quick 30 minutes later and dinner could commence how it was meant to. When it came to toasts, every single person in their bridal party gave a heartfelt speech which makes it easy for us when we're editing the final film! 

First dances took place in the large gazebo which held all of the guests and Kelly, a DJ and musician from John Ross Music, whom we are always stoked to work with. The first song of the night was the Processional song from Jim & Pam's wedding in The Office, so that was the best moment of the night in my book. It's also a dream of mine to film a wedding at Niagara Falls, so shout out to the universe! 

They danced the night away going into my favorite kind of exit: sparklers! As they are the wanderlust type, their honeymoon is all over the place, with stops in Amsterdam, Germany and other spots in Europe! Peep their Preview Film above with their Highlight film soon to come!