The Light Room South-East Portland Photo Studio Grand Opening Event

Wedding videography is a profession of extremes. During wedding season we tend to be extremely social, attending often two events per weekend (weddings, rehearsals, etc.) and meeting with brides and grooms during the week. In the off-season, we tend to hibernate for long periods of time as we're organizing footage, choosing music tracks, and editing wedding stories together.

Once in a while, even in the off-season an event is so exciting, it will lure us out of our editing cave, and yesterday's grand opening event for The Light Room, a gorgeous natural light photo studio in downtown Portland, was one of those events.

The studio, located in the historic Ford Building in South-East Portland, is owned and run by MacCoy and Dallas Merkeley, two of our best friends here in town, and some of the kindest people in the industry. MacCoy, with MacCoy Dean Photography is a wedding and portrait photographer, who lives and works in the city, and is always a go-to for recommendations when brides and grooms ask us for a photographer recommendation. McCoy's work has a clear focus on highlighting grand, epic locations and vistas. He works fast, and has a natural style that puts couples at ease.

Dallas, who's company is Merkely Artistry is one of Portland's premiere makeup and hair artists, We've had the good fortune to work with her several times on the same events, and there isn't a more professional makeup artist around. She always gets the job done on time, and with results the brides rave about, and she even brings her own high-quality lighting.

The event was made up mostly of photographers, and included lots of camera-candy, pretty things to shoot in the light-filled space. Model Anna Caroom (@annacaroom) had an exotic look that tempted lenses from all sides as she posed in a flowy bridal gown provided by a&bé bridal shop. A fresh look for a camera-friendly table setting, was crafted by Dorotheea Dragomir from Kamea Events, working with wares provided by Classic Vintage Rentals, For The Love of Floral, and Old City Mailroom. The intricate floral design featured behind the model was designed by the well-known florist, Katie Davie, of Ponderosa and Thyme.

We were so excited to see our good friend Monica, from Jane & Co. Photography. Every time we have the chance to shoot alongside her at a wedding, we get excited about it, as she is so collaborative and easy-going while she creates magic in front of the lens. She's always passionate and excited about trying a new technique or pose, and that makes all the difference.

Our little 9-month old Phoenix loved the space as well, he enjoyed meeting everyone, and even posed for a few photos on one of their classy modern chairs.

We're so excited, now that we've experienced how easy and inspiring the space is to shoot in, to book shoots there - both video and photography. Great studio spaces so close in to downtown Portland are tough to come by, and now the secret is out! Visit