Laughter Looks Good on Everyone: Look Great in Your Wedding Film

When we meet with our brides and grooms before their wedding day, we like to give them a few last-minute tips. There are things that our cameras see differently than our eyes, and just a few adjustments to the way a wedding is set up ensures couples, and guests, look their best in front of the lens.

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Our tips include: getting makeup done in front of a large window that faces away from the sun, making sure the bridal party is all wearing something similar like bridal robes when getting ready, and liberal use of overhead strands of twinkle-lights for your reception. All of these techniques are meant to create broad, flattering light on the face, and they really do help. But.....

...there's one tip that is even more important than all of those. The one thing we've notice each season that makes the biggest difference to how people come across in their wedding films: smiles and laughter.


Bear with us, this may sound basic - but you'd be surprised how many brides forget to smile. Too many times we've seen couples that try to micromanage every detail of their wedding setup when they should be enjoying spending time with their bridal party and the once-in-a-lifetime pampering the wedding day brings.

Stack the deck in your favor when you plan your morning preparations. Bring a good bluetooth speaker to play music you dig - have some snacks you really like on hand to keep your blood-sugar up, and make sure you put someone in charge of keeping the people who stress you out away from the makeup room.


Above all, do your best to forget about the cameras and relax in to the day. Your wedding photographers and videographers want to make you look good, and will tell you what they need, so don't worry if we're getting your good side. Laughter looks good on everyone.