Jenny & Clay's Love Story Film

Sometimes we have the pleasure of working with our couples before their wedding day and filming a Love Story film for them. Last week we filmed Jenny and Clay at the Yaquina Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, the exact spot where he proposed! For this film, we did on-camera interviews instead of just audio, to make the couple’s vision come to life. We absolutely love collaborating with our clients and putting into film what they imagine in their heads.

After filming at the Lighthouse, we drove over to Newport, OR where they had their celebratory meal. Well, not quite celebratory, because Clay hadn’t proposed yet when they went to dinner because it was storming outside! Luckily, the weather was amazing the next day and his proposal happened right where he wanted it. They went for a walk near the docks where sea lions were at first making noise and then full-on fighting each other. For each Love Story film we do a long version for them to watch with each other and their future generations and a 1-minute version perfect for sharing on Instagram and anywhere else. It helps us so much to get to know our clients before their wedding day and now we feel so comfortable with each other and they know how we work.