Emily + Lucas's Wedding at the Hilton Hotel

This day started off with Krishna dropping me off at the Hilton Hotel to film Emily and her gorgeous group of bridesmaids getting ready with the help of Blossom and Beauty. Krishna rushed over to West Linn to a huge house that was more museum than living space, the famous Ben’s house. Right when he walked in, he heard piano music, and all the groomsmen were watching one of their friend;s play classical music beautifully. He filmed them all listening attentively, and then had them all get into their fancy wedding clothes. The bride and groom both wrote letters to each other which we had them read separately. They were both incredibly long, heartfelt, and captured their love that grew from when they were just 16, until now, their wedding day.

We went up 60 floors to Emily’s mom’s room to film the bridesmaids in their robes next to our gorgeous bride. She got her dress on and we were off to the first look! Ashley Jennings was the photographer for the day, and we collaborated on where the First Look spot was going to be. We decided on walking a few blocks to the SW Park Blocks, next to this statue. After they saw each other and had a moment, the bridal party met up with them, friends from all of their stages of life: childhood, sports, college, church, and travel The second shooter, Aaron Wessling showed up at that point to help the day run smoother.

Their Ceremony was inside at the Hilton; their youth pastor shared words of wisdom and the couple exchanged repeat after me vows and promises. Adornment Events planned the whole thing and set up the ballroom into a wedding wonderland. Round tables were filled with floral centerpieces from Amanda Karam Floral, candles, and gold flatware. The whole bridal party was introduced and the couple shared their first dance. Dinner was catered by the Hungry Hero and guests grabbed their plates for the buffet. Emily’s dad gave a welcome toast where he said how proud he was of his daughter and even made me tear up! Adornment had their resident DJ spinning and kept the dance floor going until the very end. Watch their 1-minute Preview above!