Engagement Shoots

Arcade Engagement Shoot w/ Autel Robotics

Our friends over at Autel Robotics profiled us during a highly-stylized engagement shoot at Quarter World, an awesome barcade here in Portland. The company wanted to showcase some of the ways we use emerging technologies (like drones) to separate ourselves from the competition.

Check out the short video promo they made during the process.

Tim and Andrew from Autel made the process easy, and made every effort to just let us do our thing and not interfere with how we'd normally shoot. Here's a shot we snagged of Andrew shooting with the Red Scarlet.

We shot video, as well as photography. The video is part of a larger project, but check out some still photos we shot with our awesome model couple Charlotte and Brad Blocker.

Can't wait to continue using the Autel Robotics products. We seriously recommend their drones. They have better offerings than DJI, for a much better price. No, we did not get paid to write that.