Brea & Tyler's Love Story at Latourell Falls

Brea & Tyler live in Austin, met in Oregon, and have lived all across the US for their jobs. We had the pleasure of filming their engagement film in between cake tastings and menu previews during a quick visit. 

They were so down with the plan, that they met us at Vista House at 6:00 am just as the sun was rising. A filmmakers dream! After filming at Vista House, the Colombia River and the surrounding mountains, we headed down the road to Latourell Falls. 

There are usually tons of tourists at Latourell Falls in the summertime, but we got there early enough in the season and in the day for it to be totally free of people. We filmed Brea and Tyler skipping on the bridge with the waterfall in the background, walking down the pathway, hanging out in the splash zone, and even these hidden steps we discovered a couple years back. 

After filming, we took Brea and Tyler separately to record in their own words how they met and what they most love about each other. This adds so much to the film and differentiates between a normal music video. Some of their wedding guests might not know how they met! 

Love Story films are such a great way to get people excited about your wedding and it's something special to put on your wedding website. It's also a chance for us to connect with our couples before the insanity of the wedding day and get them comfortable with our cameras around. We can't wait for Brea and Tyler to get married in a couple weeks!