Blue Basin Elopement Shoot with My Twin Lens Photography

Devin from My Twin Lens Photography asked us to be apart of elopement shoot in the beautiful Blue Basin in Oregon. We jumped at the idea at filming a creative project, plus she wanted to do the shoot at sunrise! Everything seems to be shot at sunset, so it was really cool to be in a desert valley at sunrise. 

Devin drove down from Tacoma, WA with our wonderful bride model, Chauncey Trask. They picked up lovely dried floral arrangements from Novella Theory Floral in Portland and continued to Spray, OR. Tommy Tague, our groom, drove down from Tacoma, too, with his sister and housemate. We camped at the Spray Riverfront Campground, which was completely empty and next to the John Day River. We all got to know each other, swimming in the river and hanging out around the campfire. We even took some photo/film of our models in the river at sunset. The traveling shoot team went to bed early, although none of us really slept, until our 3:30 am wake up time. Everyone packed up their tents and supplies in the pitch darkness and drove the half hour to the John Day Fossil Beds as the first sun hit the black sky. Devin, Tommy, and Chauncey got all the props for the shoot ready, including gorgeous jewelry from OHME Shop. Mia Stephenson created incredible gold and gemstone rings, bolo tie (that I want) and statement gold earrings. Devin found an elegant dress from Halston Heritage and Owl and Envelope created all the mountain-inspired invitations!

We grabbed our kid, drone, lenses, prisms, cameras and steadicam and we all started walking at the Blue Basin trail head, stopping at a valley which showed all the layers of rock formations in the background as the sun rose in the east. Devin set up a scrunched up paper backdrop on a light stand and our amazing shoot began! Tommy and Chauncey were the best models ever, as they were game for everything, took direction well, and most of all, believed in our vision from the start. We filmed our duo while blasting music from our mini speaker. When we had some footage in the bag, Krishna flew the drone, crashed it, then scaled half a mountain to retrieve it. Miraculously only one propeller broke, which we have spares for! 

Chauncey and Tommy danced for us, made out for the camera, all in this summer weather. They were such amazing models, too!! Devin was so sweet and fun the whole shoot, too, and we all got along incredibly well! She even got some shots of me and Krishna during the shoot, halfway up a rock formation. After packing up, we left the shoot spot and went to the parking lot to fix the drone. We got some drone shots of our couple then did an interview with Devin for the behind the scenes video. Chauncey put some gold leaf on me and Krishna's faces and Devin took some stunning photos of us in the parking lot. Just for fun! 

Devin and the models left for Tacoma and we headed back to Portland! 10 minutes into the drive, Krishna pulled over and made sandwiches, as we were super hungry and pretty dehydrated from filming in the sun all day! The Vibes Film is above and watch us in action in the Behind the Scenes Film below!

Thumbnail photos by My Twin Lens Photography.