5 Things Couples Regret After Hiring a Budget Wedding Videographer

Hey brides, it's time for some real talk.

In today's world of push-button online marketing and cheap cameras, anyone can call themselves a wedding videographer.

Every year, however, we hear horror stories from couples who decided to go with the cheapest price, and ended up unhappy.

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Here are 5 common things couples regret when they hire a budget videographer:

1. They end up with a montage, not a film.

Incorporating audio from a wedding day in to a film is a detailed process..

Whether from lack of gear or knowledge, audio from the day is usually the first thing that gets overlooked.

Examples of audio we use include:

  • The laughter and chatter in the room as you and your bridesmaids all get ready
  • The words your soon-to-be husband says to you the first time he sees you in your dress
  • Your vows and toasts, recorded clearly and without background noise
  • The cheer of the crowd as you have your first kiss

There are so many other sound-bytes cheap videographers don't know how to record or use. These sounds can make the difference between just watching a recording vs. feeling like you're at your wedding again.

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2. The film takes forever to arrive (sometimes it never does).

You've heard this story as often as we have: a couple books a wedding videographer for a crazy low price, pays the full balance on the wedding day, and a year goes by before they receive wedding film, if it comes at all.

As video-capable cameras have gotten cheaper, optimistic newbies will take your money and promise the moon.

Editing is a time-consuming process, and without experience and dedication, a wedding film can languish on a hard drive unedited for years. New videographers get overwhelmed and shut down, often leaving the couple in the lurch.

At Glitch, our contract guarantees we'll deliver your film within no more than 6 months. Usually we deliver in 3.

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3. Their videographer doesn't carry insurance.

The majority of venues in the Portland area require every vendor working onsite to carry liability insurance.

Couples call us in a panic every season hoping we still have their date available because they found out at the last minute their budget videographer doesn't carry insurance.

Tripods, lights, and unsecured cables all create risk when not secured properly.

Unfortunately, the same videographers that don't carry insurance usually won't know how to make things safe either.

Protect yourself and your guests, and make sure you only cry tears of joy on your wedding day.

4. When the conditions aren't perfect, the film suffers.

You've probably heard of "golden hour", the time in the evening when everything is lit perfectly and beautifully. Anyone can shoot a photo or video clip when conditions are perfect.

Everyone hopes for perfect wedding weather and nicely lit reception halls, but an experienced image-maker knows how to make things look great even when conditions are less than ideal.

Remember: cameras can't see nearly as well in the dark as our eyes can, so someone with the right gear and knowledge is crucial.

5. They have a bad wedding-day experience.

You'll never believe how we've seen unprofessional wedding vendors behave through the years. Stuff like:

  • Flirting with bridesmaids/treating your wedding like a speed-dating event
  • Helping themselves to the open bar a little too often.
  • Wearing a dirty t-shirt and jeans (no joke!)
  • Making inappropriate jokes that make everyone uncomfortable.

Don't get me wrong, we believe a wedding should be fun and we've been known to jump on the dance floor at the end of the night.

A professional knows how to do their job without detracting from the wedding day.

Affordable vs. cheap.

Weddings are expensive and you deserve to know what you're paying for when you hire a professional.

When you meet with a potential videographer, make sure you ask them about previous experience, insurance, and guaranteed delivery times.

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Beginner videographers have opportunities to mentor with experienced business-owners before shooting a wedding on their own. Don't risk your once-in-a-lifetime memories for the lowest price.

At Glitch, we offer a variety of packages, so even brides that are on a tight budget can afford quality wedding videography. Click the button below to see if we have your date available.