Shootout at the Lightroom

On Sunday, a bunch of our talented friends got together to put on a Styled Shootout at the Lightroom to promote the space and generally show off their mad skills. About 150 photographers came to the event and it signup was closed only two days after being announced! 

MacCoy and Dallas Merkley own the space; he took photos and she did the hair and makeup. Dorothea Dragomir of Kamea Events styled and planned the event with rentals from Vintage Meets Modern and even did some DIY projects- check them out in the video. Emily Hoos of Oak Grove Floral created bouquets to match the theme and a floral installation for the bridal set.

There were 3 vignettes going on in the studio: the modern tablescape, fine art bridal installation, and lifestyle with a real couple. The bridal model, Lindsey Elizabeth, was in a vintage-inspired gown by Justin Alexander from Charlottes Weddings. The lifestyle models, Abigail Peugh and Trevor Royce, were in clothes from Sweet Jayne Broadway boutique and are photographers in the area themselves! 

All of the signs and place cards were handmade by Letters and Dust with silk by Waterlilies Styling


Shoot with Lauryn Kay Photography

Last week we filmed a Styled Shoot at The Lightroom PDX and with Lauryn Harriman of Lauryn Kay Photography. Kelli Thomsen Beauty created a stunning natural look for Q6 models Brittany Venner and Kady Lorénz. Dresses were provided by Brides for a Cause here in Portland! 

Brenna Burnett Florals created the gorgeous bouquets and even helped with our little Phoenix! The models wore hand-made headpieces by Ash of Esther Jean Designs

Check out the Behind the Scenes to see how all the magic happened! 

Styled Shoot-3.jpg
Styled Shoot-15.jpg
Styled Shoot-10.jpg
Styled Shoot-20.jpg
Styled Shoot-17.jpg
Styled Shoot-61.jpg
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Styled Shoot-58.jpg

Ecola State Park Styled Shoot

This was one of our favorite shoots of the year and we were so excited to be involved! Dorothea Dragomir of Kamea Events once again styled and organized a fantastic shoot on the Oregon coast last week at Indian Beach. Kelsey Sjorstrom of Feather and Twine Photography from Austin, Texas, took film and digital photographs of models Kelly Rotbart and Gordon Casey who coincidentally got engaged a few weeks prior!

Alyssa Lytle of Color Theory Collective recreated a circle-of-flowers illusion by securing flowers to various trees for the ceremony setup. Dorothea and Alyssa created the table setting with silk from Seda Medicina and place cards by Natalie Garrigan from Pink by Peach. Kelly wore a dress by Truvelle Bridal and Gordon wore a suit with a funky tie by The Black Tux. 

We made a Behind the Scenes film to show all the hard work these talented creatives put into one awesome shoot. Check out the Vibes Film above! 

Tiffany and Ray's Love Story Shoot @ Portland Esplanade

We had the great pleasure of producing our first Love Story film of the season this past week. On a clear day in Portland, Tiffany and Ray met Krishna at the Portland esplanade on the east side to celebrate their engagement. We have a variety of filming locations for Love Story films and this couple felt the Portland skyline rang true to them. 

If you’re looking for an awesome film to encapsulate your love and put on your wedding website, we’re here to make it happen! See Tiffany and Ray’s film below. 

Styled Shoot with Lovelit Photography

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of shooting with wedding photographers, Kaitlin Green and Amy Wennerlind from Lovelit Photography. The theme was bright and sunny yellow! The model, Maja Rohling, wore a unique yellow dress from Holly Stalder from The Diamond Sea Bridal. 

The shoot took place in a funky, historic building at The Portland Studio. The space had plenty of natural light and a ton of backdrops to choose from.  

Lauren Wadsworth created the natural hair and makeup look and Cheyenne Weil created the one of a kind gold rings. Maria Taylor from Fern and Grace styled the elegant table settings. The stunning floral arrangements were created by Kailla Platt of Kailla Platt Flowers.

You can see all of these inspiring creatives in our Behind the Scenes video below!



Magic Dust Shoot in Downtown Portland

Our friend Peter Chee, a wedding photographer for Powers Studios, organized a conceptual shoot inspired by the colored powders used in India's Holi Festival.

Peter took some powerful stills, and we just sneaked around and shot over his shoulder. Sometimes it's not all about creating an elaborate story, and it's fun to just make some cool imagery.

Thanks to dynamic model Jessica Marshall for bringing the energy.

Portland Bride and Groom's ROCKED

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of doing our first ever bridal show! Portland Bride and Groom's ROCKED at the Nine's Hotel in downtown Portland, was a great introduction into the world of bridal shows.

Dorothea Dragomir of Kamea Events helped us out with linens and decor for our booth and the gorgeous floral arrangements were provided by Milwaukie Floral and Garden!

This über posh event had some incredible creatives in attendance, such as Greenlight Creative who provided uplighting, Timbr and Moss who make amazing reclaimed wood designs, the charismatic Lexia Frank Photography, and incredible makeup Event Cosmetics!

We also met Jordan and Misti Sevigny of Progressive Movement and it was so cool to meet fellow cinematographers in the area and talk shop. 

Thank you SO MUCH to all of our amazing friends for coming out to support us: Dallas Merkley of Merkley Artistry, MacCoy Merkley of MacCoy Dean Photography, Lauryn Kay of Lauryn Kay Photography, Rachel Brookstein of Rachel Brookstein Photography, and Craig and Nicole Flood of Watertown Films!

Through Glass Shoot

On Monday, we had the opportunity to be apart of a shoot that we had nothing to do with planning. The concept was glass and shadows; photographer, MacCoy Merkley, brought an immense amount of things to shoot through- from dollar-store plates, to prisms and mirrors, we had it all.

Dallas Merkley was the artist behind the easy, flowy hair and beautiful makeup on model, Hannah Pratt. 

Dorothea Dragomir of Kamea Events brought glass shower doors, ghost chairs, and bottles to add to the variety of breakables on set. 

Sea of Roses created the backdrop of flowers, foreground floral elements, and wild bouquet. 


To cast various shadows on the wall, Dallas and Dorothea held the shower doors against the sun that streamed through the windows. The Light Room provides a varying set of lighting situations that a cinematographer can always pull inspiration from. 

The video we made is "Through Glass" and showcases the different elements from the shoot. For the wide-shots, we filled the studio with fog and Hannah danced with her chiffon dress and fabric. We also used our prism to get that rainbow effect and a few of MacCoys small mirrors to reflect the windows in the frame.